Shipping Policy

Overseas Delivery

Our products can be delivered to any place with a mailbox. We usually arrange delivery within 2 workdays after you place an order. The delivery time is 3-28 workdays, but it will vary depending on the selected service and destination.

Express Shipping

We offer express delivery services to most areas, which generally takes 3-10 workdays to arrive.

(This is not available in some locations around the world. Please contact [email protected] or our facebook and instagram to confirm.)


Except for Taiwan, most shipping destinations may incur additional tariffs. During the checkout process, once the destination is selected, tariff information will appear. PARSEC does not assume any responsibility for tariffs charged to customers.

Below are the exemptions for reference in different countries:

  • Hong Kong:Free
  • Macao:Free
  • Malaysia:MYR 500
  • Singapore:SGD 400
  • Australia:AUD 1000
  • New Zealand:AUD 1000
  • USA:USD 800
  • Indonesia:USD 3
  • Japan:JPY 10000