PARSEC design places great emphasis on protecting consumer privacy, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as the “Computer-processed Personal Data Protection Act” in Taiwan. The following statement will help you understand the principles that PARSEC design follows when handling your personal data as you use various services provided on the PARSEC design official website (referred to as the PARSEC website). This statement may be adjusted and modified as appropriate with the expansion of PARSEC website functionality. We hereby explain the information security policy of the PARSEC website as follows.

1. Regarding the scope of policy application

  1. Privacy Policy applies to the collection, use, and protection of personal data involved in your activities on the PARSEC official website. Regardless of whether they are operated by PARSEC, all websites linked through the PARSEC official website have their own exclusive privacy policies, and this department assumes no joint responsibility. When you engage in activities on these websites, the privacy policy of each respective website applies to the protection of personal data.

2. Collection and Use of Personal Information

  1. Simply browsing and downloading files in PARSEC does not collect any personal identification information.
  2. When using the membership service provided by PARSEC, if applicants are required to provide personal information, we will request the most recent and accurate information including name, contact phone number, email, mailing address, etc.
  3. When you provide us with your feedback or inquire about business-related issues through email or our contact form, we will keep a record of our correspondence solely for the purpose of communicating with you.
  4. Website servers will record the IP address of users browsing the web, the time of browsing, and the web pages visited on the website. These data are used for internal website traffic and network behavior investigation by PARSEC management unit for total analysis, in order to improve the service quality of PARSEC. Analysis will only be conducted on the total behavior of all users, and individual users will not be analyzed.
  5. PARSEC is obligated to protect the privacy of all applicants, and will not modify or delete any personal information or files without your consent. Exceptions can only be made in the following situations: when there is a violation of the rules of this website, such as the use of abusive or personal attack language in the review section. When it is necessary to protect the rights or property of individuals. When it is necessary to protect the interests of the relevant units of this website.
  6. PARSEC will never provide, sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal information to other groups, individuals or private companies without your consent. However, there are exceptions in the following cases: to cooperate with a legal investigation by judicial authorities, to cooperate with relevant authorities in accordance with their official duties, and to disclose information based on good faith belief that it is necessary by law or for the purpose of maintaining and improving website services.
  7. PARSEC may publish some information on the PARSEC official website on your social activity page through Facebook or similar social service systems with your consent. If you do not agree to the publication of such information, please do not click the Agree button, or remove such information through the member mechanism of the relevant social service or refuse PARSEC to continue publishing related information afterwards.
  8. You can contact us via email at [email protected] to request us to delete any personal information and related data about you. We will delete it in a reasonable period of time after receiving your request according to your request.

3. Cookie Technology

  1. For future recognition purposes, when using PARSEC services, cookies may be set and accessed on your computer.
  2. You can decide whether to allow the use of cookie technology by configuring your personal computer or internet device. If you disable cookies, it may cause inconvenience or limitations to some functions when using PARSEC services.

4. Information Security and Protection

  1. PARSEC’s servers are equipped with “firewalls” to protect against illegal intrusion, destruction, or theft of data. When you use various services and functions of PARSEC, any data stored on this website will be fully protected to ensure the security of your personal information.

5. Measures for protecting personal data security

  1. Please keep your personal information safe and do not provide it to any third parties to protect your rights. We also remind you that voluntarily disclosing personal information on the Internet (such as in discussion forums, message boards, chat rooms, etc.) may result in others collecting and using it. You may receive unsolicited emails from others as a result.

6. Modification of Privacy Policy

  1. If the Privacy Policy is amended, PARSEC will notify you of the significant changes via the email or text message you provided, and through a notice on the PARSEC platform. If you do not agree with the changes or modifications, please stop using the PARSEC service and notify the company to cease collecting, processing, and using your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

7. Consultation on Privacy Policy Protection Statement

  1. If you have any concerns regarding your privacy on the PARSEC website, please feel free to provide us with your valuable feedback by contacting PARSEC via email at “[email protected]“. PARSEC will make every effort to address your suggestions within a reasonable and appropriate scope to provide you with better service.