Warranty Service

Our products come with a two-year warranty for normal use. To avoid damage, please don’t overstuff or put sharp objects in them, or exceed the recommended number of cards in the wallet.

Warranty service covers factory defects, but not damage caused by unreasonable use, human negligence, normal wear and tear, or personal modifications.

PARSEC warranty service follows The Consumer Protection Act.

How to make a warranty claim?

To submit a warranty claim, please contact [email protected] or our facebook and instagram with your order details and a description of the fault or damage.

(Attaching any related photos will greatly speed up the service)

Kintsukuroi Repair Service (need to be purchased separately)

We prefer to repair and keep our beloved items with us for a long time. This is our attitude towards life and our dedication to cherishing possessions.


Kintsukuroi Repair Service: Kintsukuroi, which manufacturing process is meticulous, combines with different materials to extend the life of Treether. The Treether we produce is just the beginning. It integrates with time and becomes perfect through your use.

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