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The capricious PARSEC design

About the whimsical PARSEC design

I once heard this at a brand gathering: “Creating a brand requires being whimsical, otherwise who can endure such hardship?”

Building a brand is tough. You have to participate and make decisions about everything, and much of the time you’re not handling tasks you enjoy. There’s no time for rest, and it’s incredibly draining. Two years ago, I decided to take a break.

During this time off, I spent a lot of time rediscovering the meaning of work for myself. I began taking on consulting work and planning design and marketing for other brands.

Consulting work is interesting. You get to tackle problems that your own brand couldn’t, and learn new knowledge and ways of thinking. But I always felt uneasy.

Brand work is meticulous, from a single line of text to an entire website or store. Every detail can affect how customers perceive you. But nobody’s perfect, and it was then that I realized my own whimsy.

You may not have heard of “PARSEC design,” but this is actually the original name of PARSEC and the name we registered the company under. When I had the idea to re-enter the industry, I decided that if I’m going to invest in this brand again, I want to be my own whimsical self. I chose to use this name as a starting point for the brand.

This name represents whimsy, creating things with utmost perfection, sharing a pursuit of life, and becoming an independent and whimsical person. This is “He Shao Design.”

Do you remember who you wanted to become when you were a child? Did you whimsically feel that it was your future path?

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