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Shinwa Craftsmanship Project

The most difficult and precious part of the Shinwa series craftsmanship is how to perfectly present the brilliance of Shinwa gold foil. While maintaining the gloss and quality of the colorful broken gold foil, it is necessary to accurately grasp the golden ratio of the adhesive material and stack the Shinwa gold foil stroke by stroke, like scattering flowers from a goddess, into the most dazzling appearance. It tests not only the master’s foil sticking technique, but also the dedication to each piece of broken gold foil.

It not only represents the persistence in making by hand, but also interprets the meaning of craftsmanship and romance.

The emotions that we put into Shinwa are stuck on the rosewood in an intangible language, and her story is told to you with a brilliant seven-color cloud-like appearance.

For us, “Shinwa” is not just a product, it is an object that can carry emotions and evoke memories.

Shinwa Gold Foil

The gold and silver foil series from Japan has been manually sulfide-colored, making it a colorful and gorgeous broken foil. The seemingly fragmented Shinwa gold foil shows unique luster changes in every corner under sunlight from different angles.


Also known as the green dragon wood, since its record in the Eastern Han Dynasty, rosewood has been cherished as one of the most precious woods. Its special feature is that the material is dense and hard, and it looks dark in color, but in fact, the texture is delicate and floating, showing a quiet and elegant sense of luxury in endless changes.

Why choose “Shinwa Gold Foil” and “Rosewood”?

Through the seven-color cloud-like appearance of Shinwa gold foil, we want to convey not only the brilliant gloss of broken gold foil, but also the precious meaning behind each piece of broken gold foil.

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